Before I get to talking about the elevated pedestrian crossing and skywalks here, I have to say that there is some serious effort going on here to make the elevated roads pleasing. Now, this is from what I have seen in the central city. The case is probably not the same in the city outskirts, especially near the ring road and other highways.

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The images are off the internet as it is difficult to capture them myself, as I see a lot of these from the bus.

Now, to pedestrian bridges, skywalks. There are a lot of them! I was on a bus in Shiqiao, which is in outer Guangzhou and I saw a circular pedestrian bridge (Pedestrian Hovenring). It was not in the central city area or an important area, it was just there being used by the community around there.

I looked it up on Baidu maps later and saw that there is another four-legged pedestrian bridge a few blocks away.

WeChat Image_20170622112509.png

I was trying to find pictures of this bridge and came across this article and this. They are in Chinese, but from what I understood from using a translator, Shanghai had one of these circular bridges in 1985!



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They also had a S shaped pedestrian connector bridge during the same time.


They were demolished, to “make way for the car”! The glorification of owning and travelling in a car, the American dream of freedom to commute, killing street life in countries like India and China.

But now they are back, they are in Shanghai, Lujiazui, Shenzhen. These are the famous ones, I am sure there are many more in places like Shiqiao, places of which I cannot even find images of.

Pedestrian Bridge in Zhujiang New Town, connecting the high-rises and providing access to the metro station.

I got to see an all extended version of these pedestrian walkways in Hong Kong, where you can walk around kilometers together without touching ground. So much that I managed to travel in a storm without getting caught in it, as I was always able to walk sheltered in the walkways.

A lot has been written about the walkways in HongKong and here are some cool maps, so I will not get into that.

In Guangzhou, I have even seen pedestrian bridges which go below elevated roads. Basically, if you really want to improve the experience for pedestrians, you can!

Many of these pedestrian bridges are also full of planters, many with Bougainvillea, making them beautiful. The plants are watered in what seemed like drip-irrigation setups. While some plants like those along the elevated road are planted in concrete planters along the edge of the road, some of the pedestrian bridges had pots (as can be seen in one of the below photos).

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