Labelled Metro Station Exits

Finding direction (the spatial kind, not direction in life), comes easy to some while others cannot find their way back home if they miss a turn. I usually have a great sense of direction and spatial awareness. However, one situation in which I end up losing my sense of direction is after getting off an underground metro; the numerous turns you take to get into the station, then the entry booths, then the elevators and finally the platforms!

Most stations do give exit directions, but I still found myself ending up unsure about which exit to take.

Exit board at Washington DC Metro

In Guangzhou, I have been able to navigate my exit out of the metro more easily than ever. The difference, Guangzhou Metro exits are labelled.

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Now, I haven’t been to a lot many cities and I am sure other cities have these, but this is something I noticed to be different here, which is making my travel experience better. 

The metro stations have boards which list out the various exits and what places are accessible from each exit.


The bus routes accessible from each of the exits are also listed, making transfers easy.

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The metro stations also have a 3D map of the station, showing the exits. 

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The exits are also integrated into Baidu Maps (which is equivalent to Google Maps). This way, you can pre-plan which exit to take at the metro station. 


These exits make giving directions easy. 


It is easier to meet friends at the metro. One just needs to specify the exit.


The exits are labelled at the entrances too, so you can meet outside a specific exit.


Small elements that make a big difference in experience!

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2 thoughts on “Labelled Metro Station Exits

  1. Rebekah Kim says:

    Yes to everything on here! Korea’s subway system also has the labeled exits and clear wayfinding signage (almost identical to the ones in your picture – the rectangular signs hanging from the ceiling). It makes traveling so easy because it does all the mental work of navigating for you. I’ve been using the Peachtree Center transit station every day for the past month to commute to my internship. It has at least 3 (unlabeled) exits (that I know of), and I still have to think twice about whether to turn left or right every time I get off the train! If anything needs clear wayfinding signage, it’s definitely the underground…


    1. Pooja Rao says:

      I have been coming across Korea’s public transport system a lot, about how great it is! I wish I can go someday to experience it. I read about the commuter cards being like debit cards, which can be used at shops too. Also, the commuter cards come in various shapes and the phones have come up with spaces within them to insert these cards! So cool!


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